Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sophomore Year

I have officially completed my sophomore year of college. This means that I've reached the halfway point of my undergraduate career! 

It's become somewhat of a tradition for me to take a panoramic photo of my dorm room at the end of the year, stripped of everything that once personalized it and made it my own. It amazes me the sum of all the small things that can make a new place feel like home for a season. 

If you told me as a high school senior that I would be pursuing a B.A. in Sociology, you'd get a blank stare and a lot of questions. Two years ago, I had no clue what Sociology was or that I even had the option of majoring in it. Today, I am thankful for how this field of study has taught me how to love God and love people more fully. 

I am so glad that God didn't give me what I initially wanted a beachside undergrad experience at a small liberal arts college atop a hill in California. He gave me something different, something that I completely resisted to at first but slowly began to accept with open hands. I'm not studying out-of-state thousands of miles away from home. Nor am I at that gorgeous Christian college by the beach that seemed like the perfect fit for so long. I'm learning to follow where He leads, despite the uncertainty that comes with leaps of faith like these.

Grace abounds in the spaces where my mind cannot logically wrap itself around where my LORD is leading me. For that, I am thankful. 

Here are a few special people and memories from this semester: 

Working in the Office of University Planning with two great bosses

Floor photoshoot with the sweet ladies of Jubilee

Trip to Yosemite with friends over winter break

Performing at my school's poetry lounge

SCORR Conference

The formation of this sisterhood #Janomica

Multi-Ethnic Outreach Event

Multilingual Verse Reading at Missions Conference

Celebrating this dear friend (Asnat's) birthday!

My big sister, Veronica, graduating

Gaining this lovely lady as a little sister, future roommate, and forever friend

I am in awe of God's grace and provision that has sustained me through another semester of college! I'm looking forward to these final two years with eager expectation. I may not know what my future holds, but I know exactly Who holds it. 

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  1. Janelle this is so sweet! It's great to hear how God is directing your steps and it's inspiring to see your obedience and faith through the journey. Congrats on being halfway complete with your undergraduate career! Onward! :)