Sunday, March 18, 2012

Redefining Grace

Hi, my name is Grace, AKA Amazing. I'm sure you've heard well about me.  Saved the wretch and found the lost? Yep, that's me. But let me ask you something - do you truly know me? Have you experienced the depths of me, the heights of me, the breadth of me? Or perhaps I am simply a word sung in a hymn from pews worldwide on Sundays.
Allow me to reintroduce myself.

You see, I contain the very aroma of that which is the patience and compassion of Christ. You can find me in the darkest and most shameful moments, when you least expect it. Where sin abounds, I much more abound - I whisper, "You are not beyond saving," amidst the voices that scream otherwise. I anoint the lips of kings and daughters and princes. I am sufficient and perfected in weakness, when the only thing left to hold onto is me.

Be careful, lest you take advantage of the gift that I am. I should not be abused or cheapened, used as a license to indulge in your lustful desires. Treasure me, and hold dear all the times that I bring you to your knees.

My name is Grace, and I am more than a word sung in a hymn from pews worldwide on Sundays.

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